The present Olinda Golf Club was established in 1968 after a Public Meeting, so is now approaching its 50th Anniversary. Sadly, it has been forced by circumstances beyond its control to cope with the loss of its home course (Olinda) and then the one to which it moved (Emerald). The fact that it has done that and is now successfully functioning at  Cardinia Beaconhills Golf Links is a tribute to its resilience and determination.


The Club exists:

  • To provide encouragement and opportunity to play the game of golf in a pleasant and supportive environment;
  • To expose its members to the range of forms which club competitions can take;
  • To enable participants to obtain and maintain an Australian Golf Handicap;
  • Through affiliation with the Victorian Golf League allow members who wish to play in Pennant Competition and other events the League organizes.

The Olinda Golf Club seeks to be an open and warm organisatio catering for players of both sexes, all ages and the widest possible range of abilities

New Memberswould be made very welcome.

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